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Sravasti is an important historical and religious attraction in Uttar Pradesh. The place has for long been attached to Lord Buddha and his times. It is said that Lord Buddha spent 25 years living in the monastery of Jetavana that is situated in Sravasti. The city also has the pride of being the place where many of Vinaya rules, Jatakas and Sutras were first discussed.

It is at Sravasti only where Lord Buddha is supposed to have astonished rival teachers by performing miracles. It is in Sravasti that Buddha transformed Angulimal from a dacoit into a Buddhist monk. He also delivered many important sermons here. The two 21 meters high pillars erected by Emperor Ashoka mark these sites. They are on either side of the eastern gateway of the Jetavana monastery. Sravasti was a flourishing center of learning during the Gupta period too. When the famed Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang visited this site, he found several damaged Stupas and ruins of monasteries at this place.

Saheth is one of the most visited clusters of shrines in the Buddhist tourism circuit of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Saheth covers an area of around 35 square Kilometers and is located in the very heart of Sravasti. The site falls on your right when you move nearly a kilometer Southwest from Maheth. The place rose to prominence when excavation works revealed that Saheth was the original site of once magnanimous Jetavana monastery. The place saw sudden spurt in tourism after that discovery.

Maheth is another important cluster of shrines in Sravasti. Though not as famous as Saheth, Maheth also has a cluster of shrines that are very popular among the tourists visiting Sravasti. In fact, Maheth was the actual site of the erstwhile Sravasti city. Spread across the area of near about 400 acres, Maheth was the site of numerous shrines and Stupas. In fact, Maheth has been identified with the remains of the city proper. Nevertheless, the site for long had remained abandoned and ignored. It was only in the early decades of 20th century when the excavation works were initiated that the site raised to prominence.



There are not much of an option as far as excursions around Sravasti is concerned. Nevertheless, there are a few interesting getaways. These excursion spots are within the range of 50 to 100 kilometers therefore one need not arrange for overnight stays at this place. You can easily start early morning by a hired cab and return to your hotel by the late evening.

The Devi Patan Temple that is located at the distance of 30 Kilometers from downtown Sravasti is an important excursion destination. The temple is considered to be one of the most important Shaktipeeth in the region. The Hindus in both India as well as Nepal revere this temple that attracts scores of devotees every year.

Sankissa, situated on the banks of river Kali is another famous tourist excursion around Sravasti. It is believed that Sankissa is the place where the Buddha descended from heaven along with Lord Brahma and Devaraj Indra after giving a discourse to his mother, Mayadevi who had died soon after giving birth to him. Emperor Ashoka erected a pillar with an elephant capital to mark this holy spot.

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