Gorakhpur is one of the most important religious and cultural centers in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. The city has a long history that connects it with Hinduism and Buddhism. The city was once part of the famous 'Koshla' kingdom of Lord Rama during the Vedic period. In the ancient period, the city has remained under the rule of Sishunaga, Nanda, Maurya and Sunga dynasties. Sadly, in the recent years, the town has become a center of frequent Hindu-Muslim strives.

The city rose to prominence in 12th century when it became the center of famous Hindu Tantrik and Ascetic, Baba Gorakhnath. Gorakhnath has influence generations of Hindus that follow his Nath sect. His samadhi in the old part of the city is visited by scores of pilgrims every day. Gorakhnath Temple is one of the most famous temples in the state and is frequented by hundreds of pilgrims every year.

The city is also associated with famous poet and philosopher Kabir. Gorakhpur was the place where Kabir composed and propagated most of his couplets. His tomb is a major attraction in the city. Gorakhpur again rose to prominence in early 20th century due to an incident that shook India. During the Non-Cooperation Movement, some people burned down a police station at a locality called Chauri Chaura. This led Mahatma Gandhi to withdraw the movement all together.

Gorakhpur is home to the famous Gita Press. The particular press is considered an authority in the compilation and publishing of Hindu scriptures and other religious books. The press is a must visit during your visit to the town.

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